Deep Creek Art is an excellent resource for preserving memories by way of commission or personalized art. Painter, Deeda Cordin can recreate your images in watercolor or
 acrylic on canvass from your photograph. When possible
 the artist can photgraph the subject. Subjects often
 painted, but not limited to include: protraits, informal or
 formal, of people, houses, pets, horses, wildlife, boats,
planes, honeymoon locations, favorite vacation spots or just about anything.
Most commisssion painting can be completed in 3 weeks following submission of photographs and a 50% deposit.
Appropriate prices which include framing, is as follows:
4x6 plus frame $100
5x7 plus frame 175
8x10 plus frame 225
11x14 plus frame 275
16x20 plus frame 325
Prices vary depending on subject and degree of detail.
Clients may participate in the framing selection, once the painting is completed.
Deep Creek Art also offers repair to damaged art, including acrylic paintings, oil paintings, frame restoration and repair of ceramics at an hourly rate of $20.

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